Investor-couple Recovers Losses Due to Erratic Trading & Lack of Supervision

On behalf of a couple who had suffered mismanagement and lack of supervision in their investment accounts, Green, Schafle & Gibbs settled for a substantial proportion of their losses.

Non-traditional ETFs & Lack of Supervision


Our clients in this matter suffered dramatic losses due to their inexperienced financial advisor’s alleged mismanagement of their investment portfolio over a brief period of months. Tthrough a series of dazzlingly ill-judged solicited transactions, the broker traded in and out of mutual funds as if they were penny stocks and treated ultra-short nontraditional Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) like buy-and-hold securities.

At the same time, this inexperienced broker enjoyed almost no supervision from her broker-dealer. Any reasonable standard of scrutiny and compliance would have sent up red flags in this matter. In fact, the supervising brokerage in this matter arrived too late to prevent the almost $100,000 in losses suffered by our clients, who were unsophisticated investors.

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