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$22 Million in Annuities in Pennsylvania Investor's Account

An unsupervised PCNI financial advisor allegedly perpetrated an ongoing fraud on his wealthy but unsophisticated 80 year-old client by inappropriately recommending more than $22 million in 17 annuity products, earning himself and his brokerage approximately $1 million in ill-gotten commissions.

110% of Damages Settled Before Arbitration

The Green Firm is very pleased to announce the conclusion of our case involving a rogue broker’s erratic and unsuitable investments on behalf of our client. Before the defending brokerage had even made an answer to our original Statement of Claim against them and their employee, the brokerage decided to settle the case with us outside of arbitration for 110% of the out-of-pocket damages we sought in our claim.  The case involved our client, a single mother with multiple sclerosis, and unsuitable investments purchased by a broker who had a long history of FINRA registered complaints against him, and who decimated our client's life-savings through a series of misguided investments in low-price, high-risk products that were completely inappropriate. Not only did the broker invest negligently, but the sponsoring brokerage firm failed in its legal and fiduciary duty to monitor its broker's erratic and unsuitable investments on behalf of our client, when it knew the broker had a checkered history.