South Jersey Sisters Lose $275,000 in Variable Annuity Products


The Green Firm has filed a claim through FINRA arbitration against Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC, LPL Financial LLC, and two of their financial advisors on behalf of two sisters from South Jersey. Unsophisticated investors, the sisters entrusted the two brokers, who were brothers, with more than $1.5 million in retirement savings and a medical malpractice settlement. These investors were recommended variable annuity products that were allegedly unsuitable, improper, and negligent. Due to the investors’ need for income and their clear pattern of large and/or regular withdrawals, the cost of the withdrawal penalties and tax liabilities associated with variable annuity products outweighed the benefits. Also at issue in the claim were allegedly dubious and unnecessary exchanges of variable annuity products. Finally, one of the brokers persuaded our client to lend him around $50,000 in personal loans/investments which were never paid back. According to our claim with FINRA, Cetera Advisor Network, LPL Financial, and its two financial advisors should be held liable for $275,000 in financial losses suffered by our clients.


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