trading freeze

Investors Unable to Sell Shares in PVCT Biopharm Stock

According to numerous investors using several different brokerage firms, including but not limited to TD Ameritrade, Wells Fargo, Fidelity, and ShareBuilder, on January 23, 2014, they found themselves unable to sell shares they held in a biopharmaceutical company, Provectus (symbol PVCT) for varying periods of time stretching up to five full hours in some cases. During this alleged sell "lockout" by the brokerages, investors could only watch helplessly as the stock price of PVCT rose to an all-time high before crashing again to deep lows, all during a day that witnessed enormous trading volume (30 million shares on the day). 

Our firm has now brought its first 3 cases against TD Ameritrade on behalf of investors who were allegedly "locked out" of selling their shares of PVCT for much of the day on 1/23/14. We are also pursuing multiple other actions against TD Ameritrade and other brokerages for the same issue.

If you or anyone you know was subject to this alleged "lockout" or "freeze" on selling PVCT on 1/23/14, please contact us immediately for a free consultation at 1 855 462 3330 or via email