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SEC Launches Informative Site for Investors

Ramping up their effort to become a kind of consumer protection agency for novice investors, the SEC recently launched a very helpful site featuring tons of great investment advice at  

A lot of the suggestions featured here are also included in our 10 Tips for Financial Self-Defense, so download that if you haven't already. In order to supplement your arsenal of weapons in the fight against financial misconduct and bad brokers, check out the SEC site. It touches on everything from how markets work to investment basics to retirement planning. Of course, this body of knowledge is exactly why, as a novice investor, you might engaged the services of a broker. But as with everything from buying a car to picking the right doctor, the more research you can do on your own, the less likely you will be to get fleeced. Information, after all, is power. And there's a wealth of information on the SEC site. Click here to go to the introductory video that gives you a tour.

For the social media savvy, better hop on the SEC Investor Ed twitter feed. We have! Here, you'll get updates and investor alerts that will help you get out in front of problems with your investments that you may not have anticipated or simply do not understand. For example, Ponzi schemes. We've got a page on our site explaining the history of the Ponzi scheme and how it works. If you thought these scams faded with the incarceration of Bernie Madoff, think again. According to the latest SEC investor alert, they are alive and well among virtual currencies like Bitcoin. Other alerts on scary yet fascinating topics include Investment Options Implying SEC Endorsement, Pump-and-Dump Stock Email schemes, and Binary Options and Fraud. With our own blog here at The Green Firm, we'll do our best to keep abreast of the latest trends in investor scams and try to develop the legal angle for you. So stay tuned to the SEC and to us!

As always, if you or anyone you know has been the victim of broker misconduct or investment fraud, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.