fiduciary duty

Top 5 Tips for Good Financial Health

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, FINRA, has released some basic guidance for those of us who struggled to achieve financial wellness. Like the governmental guidelines for maintaining good health and ensuring longevity, the financial rules are as simple as they are hard to follow. Take a look.

Fiduciary Duty vs Suitability Standards

Confusion or ignorance over the professional standard of the care in the industry unfortunately leads to many investors losing many millions of dollars every year to financial advisors who are upholding one standard while investors think they are upholding another. Let us explain.

Brokerages Create Illusion of Fiduciary Duty Through Savvy Marketing

Misleading advertising prevalent among brokerage firms lulls investors into a false sense of security over their investments. They stop checking up on their accounts and their broker because they trust him or her; they’ve been told that is, along with access to information and expertise, the main reason to invest with him or her.

Broker Conflicts of Interest Cost Investors Billions Every Year

The Chairman of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors has ruffled some serious Wall Street feathers with the release of a recent report suggesting that Americans with 401(k) retirement accounts could be losing $8 billion to $17 billion per year due to opportunistic trading by the brokers managing their accounts.