Pro Athletes Targeted by Ponzi Schemes

Pro Athletes Swindled by Investment Advisors, Friends, and Family

News broke recently that several pro athletes, including former Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback, Mark Sanchez, and former Phillies pitcher Roy Oswalt, were bilked for millions of dollars by an investment advisor running a Ponzi Scheme-like operation.

Low-Risk Investment Strategy, High-End Scam


Professional athletes offer fraudulent advisors, brokers, friends, and family an irresistible target for their schemes. The typical pro athlete is young and, as an investor, woefully unsophisticated. They also have a lot of money which needs investing. No wonder every few months or even weeks, we read another story about pro athletes getting swindled.


Here’s a story that did not make the news. Last year, Green, Schafle & Gibbs quietly settled a major lawsuit on behalf of its former NHL hockey player client against that player’s former best friend for fraud and mismanagement.

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