Philadelphia Woman Charged in $100M Investment Fraud

According to documents filed in the case by the US Attorney’s office, from February 2016 to August 2019, Philadelphia investment fund manager Brenda Smith used her investment fund, Broad Reach Capital, to collect more than $100 million in funds from investors who believed her lies about the funds assets and performance.

PA Ponzi Scheme Busted - What Investors Might Have Done Differently

A former Williamsport insurance agent, William E. Hocker, was sentenced to 17 years in prison and required to pay back almost $1.5 million which he took from unsuspecting investors, including his own mother. In October, Hocker pleaded guilty to securities fraud involving the scheme he perpetrated for 10 years. Hocker, who was licensed to sell insurance products but not annuities or securities, preyed mostly on family, friends, and the connections they brought to him. In the classic “too good to be true pitch,” Hocker lured investors in by promising them incredibly high returns of 25-30% with little to no risk.

Regulator Continues to Battle Unsuitable Leveraged ETFs

The securities industry self-regulator, FINRA, has once again warned broker-dealers and investors over its unsuitable sales of leveraged and inverse ETFs. Over the past few years, ever since these sophisticated products rose to prominence, FINRA has repeatedly issued regulatory notices and investor alerts about the perils of investing in leveraged ETFs. The agency has also fined numerous broker-dealers and individual brokers for poor sales practices and supervision of leveraged ETFs.

SEC Takes Aim at Unregistered Advisors in New Alert

In a new alert, the SEC is seeking the help of investors to do background checks on new and existing brokers who may or may not be registered financial and investment advisors.

Broker-dealers May Be Responsible for Selling Away of Woodbridge

A recent judgment in FINRA arbitration for nearly a quarter of a million dollars against a broker who sold Woodbridge notes to investors has struck fear in the hearts of many firms who weren’t paying attention to their brokers over the past few years. If one firm can be held responsible for the failings of a broker, they all potentially can. And that’s a billion-dollar problem.

FINRA's Suitability Standard vs the SEC's "Best Interest" Standard

Over much of last year, heated debate raged within the securities industry and among some politicians about the “best interest” standard and how it should be applied to registered financial advisors and stock brokers alike. Right now, two different standard apply to the industry. Bringing them all under one standard would unify a fractured industry and give greater clarity and increased protection to investors who may be unaware of which standard they are subject to.

As Madoff Drifts into the Mists of Memory, Big Fraud Is Coming Back

Once you're inside a Ponzi Scheme, it can look and feel a lot like a normal investment opportunity, especially if the scheme operator is adept at creating false investment documentation. The key is not to get draw into a Ponzi Scheme in the first place. The most common signs of these frauds are evident from the beginning - that's when you have the greatest chance of identifying them.

Ex-Wells Fargo Broker Stole $1M from Elderly Clients

According to recent information released by the securities industry watchdog, FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), over his long 35 year career with major brokerage houses including Stifel and most recently Wells Fargo, former Certified Financial Planner John Gregory Schmidt formed close personal relationships with elderly and infirm clients in order to win their trust and steal their money.

Hedge Fund Ponzi Busted

According to the Massachusetts Depart of Justice, Raymond Montoya ran his Ponzi scheme for almost a decade under the auspices of a fund called RMA Strategic Opportunity Fund, LLC. Over the years, investors transferred millions of dollars to Montoya on the promise that he would invest the money in stocks and bonds.

Ponzi Schemer Paid for Prayers - SEC Probe

An investment advisor charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission with running a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme spent close to a million dollars on prayers from Hindu priests in order to keep the feds at bay. In spite of her prayers, however, Dawn Bennett was convicted by the federal government of defrauding more than 200 investors of nearly $18 million over the past several years.

Ponzi-scheme Operator Sentenced to 30 years in Prison

According to the US Attorney’s office in Arizona, a group operating a Ponzi Scheme solicited millions of dollars in investments for various companies and projects, including real estate, recycling, and land development in Mexico. The solicitations were made through numerous seminars, magazines articles, radio broadcasts, and private offerings.

Small Investors More Vulnerable Than Ever to Wall Street Predators

In the aftermath of Enron, the Financial Crisis, and the Wolf of Wall Street, you might think that regulators who are charged with protecting small retail investors as much as the markets themselves would sharpen up the rules and regulations governing the financial industry. Unfortunately, a series of announcement recently opined about in the New York Times suggests that small investors are more, not less, vulnerable to Wall Street’s predations than they’ve ever been.

SEC Busts $350 Million Ponzi-like Scheme

The SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) announced today that it has obtained a court order to shut down a major investment operation worth approximately $345 million. According to the SEC complaint, the scheme involved more than 230 investors from the United States and was lead by Kevin B. Merrill and Cameron Jezierski.

Phony Billionaire Connected to Ponzi Scheme

Financier Steve Stovanovich liked to play the big man. Over the past few years, he has pledged multimillionaire donations to the University of Chicago and institute named on his behalf. But as a recent investigation by the Chicago Maroon has revealed, Stovanovich may not possess the vast wealth he says he has.

PA Brokerage Ordered to Pay $1M in Damages

According to public records, Greensburg, Pennsylvania based brokerage firm, Trustmont Financial Group, Inc. was ordered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to pay an aggrieved client more than $1 million in damages. 

Regulatory Bodies Cast a Wary Eye on Structured Notes

The SEC’s Office of Compliance recently issued a Risk Alert concerning lapses in brokerage supervision and compliance controls on the sale of structured products - especially structured notes - to retail investors. Several months ago the SEC also issued a broader Investor Bulletin concerning structured notes. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has also repeatedly urged investors to be careful when considering structured products.

SEC Charges Former Aegis Broker Malcolm Segal With Ponzi Scheme

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a litigation release to the public concerning Pennsylvania-based financial advisor Malcolm Segal. The SEC charged Malcolm Segal with numerous violations, including the operation of a Ponzi Scheme and stealing investor money to enrich himself.